The Hero of October Lieutenant Colonel Han Ju-seop ROK Marine

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Marine Lieutenant Colonel Han Joo-seop, who made a brilliant contribution to the battle in the 

Sacheon River area in Jangdan during the Korean War, was selected as the national defense figure in 


Lt. Col. Han was born in Seoul in 1932 and commissioned as a Marine second lieutenant, was 

appointed as a second platoon commander in the 1st Battalion, 3rd Company of the Marine 1st Fighter 

Group, and majored in combat in the Punchbowl area, an important part of the Middle East front.


In October 1952, the Marine 1st Combat Team moved to the Sacheon River area on the western front 

and confronted the Chinese army, and at that time, the principle that the contact line between the two 

sides was established as a truce line, and there was a fierce battle around the 38th parallel.

The Chinese army has been carrying out the first anti-aircraft offensive through tactics across all fronts, 

and fought against it, but was deprived of the outpost in charge of the Marine 1st Combat Team.


Our troops lost their fighting power, failing repeatedly despite several counterattacks to recapture it 


At this time, Lieutenant Colonel Han Joo-seop was tasked with the 6th counterattack battle and 

advanced through the strong resistance of the Chinese army at the head of the platoon and succeeded 

in recapturing the 37th outpost.


Since then, he has not backed down from the enemy's counterattack and has contributed greatly to 

dampening the momentum by violently confronting the enemy and inflicting enormous troop losses 

on the enemy.

In January 1953, the government awarded Lieutenant Colonel Han Joo-seop the Eulji Military Medal in 

honor of his major, and Lieutenant Colonel Han continued to major in various battles until the end of 

the war, and contributed to the development of the Marine Corps even after the ceasefire, before 

being discharged as a lieutenant colonel in 1973.